Zagreb - the Heart

of Croatia


As the capital of Croatia, Zagreb is political, economical, cultural and religious center of the country. With the population of almost 800,000, the city is situated in central Croatia on the banks of the river Sava and below Medvednica mountain, Zagreb's green oasis with many hiking trails, and whose highest peak Sljeme with 1035 meters above sea level is famous Croatian ski resort.


Although the surrounding area was already inhabited in prehistoric time, today's Zagreb developed from two medieval towns situated on two hills. One was Kaptol, a church town, and the other one was Gradec or Grič, a town of merchants and craftsmen. With time, a city started to expand in all directions, and old Kaptol and Gradec are today a historical centre of Zagreb.


Walk with us through the narrow streets of the Upper Town. Lets discover together historical mysteries and the charm of the past and the present time. Lets stop in front of the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Stone Gate, knock at the door of the colorful St Mark's church, and enjoy a panoramic view of Zagreb's Downtown area from the medieval Lotrščak tower.


Although Zagreb's cathedral is only a little more than a hundred years old, it is an impressive neogothic structure, the biggest cathedral in Croatia,  and definitely not to be missed. At the end of our tour lets find refreshment in the Zagreb's central market Dolac or in one of numerous bars in the nearby Tkalčićeva Street that has retained its old medieval charm.


If you are into a green break, we will take to already mentioned Medvednica mountain or to one of many city parks like Zrinjevac or Maksimir. You will see why Zagreb is rightly called "little Vienna".

You started the tour as a foreigner. At the end of our tour you will feel like a local. Trust us.